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2024 Paid Family Leave Payroll Deduction Calculator

If you are eligible for Paid Family Leave, you pay for these benefits through a small payroll deduction equal to 0.373% of your gross wages each pay period. In 2024, these deductions are capped at the annual maximum of $333.25.

Use the calculator below to view an estimate of your deduction.

*This calculator is meant to give only an estimate of your PFL deduction. Your actual deduction amount may change depending on whether you receive bonuses and commissions or other forms of compensation as part of your wages.

Based on your gross pay for the pay period, your Paid Family Leave payroll deduction is estimated to be $ for that pay period.

Note: Your actual deduction amount may vary from pay period to pay period, depending on your gross wages. In 2024, the annual maximum deduction per employee is $333.25.