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2024 Wage Benefit Calculator

Employees who take Paid Family Leave will receive 67% of their average weekly wage (AWW), capped at 67% of the New York State Average Weekly Wage. Generally, your AWW is the average of your last eight weeks of pay prior to starting Paid Family Leave, including bonuses and commissions. The maximum weekly benefit for 2024 is $1,151.16.

Use the calculator below to view an estimate of your weekly benefit.

Note: When calculating benefits, Paid Family Leave insurers must use whichever is higher: the last eight weeks worked including the week when PFL started, or the last eight weeks worked not including the week PFL started.

Based on your average weekly wage of $, your estimated weekly Paid Family Leave wage benefit is $.

Your actual benefit amount will depend on your gross weekly pay for the eight weeks prior to you taking leave. If you make less than $100 per week, you will get more than 67%. Talk to your employer’s insurance carrier. In 2024, the maximum weekly benefit is $1,151.16. In most cases, the insurer must pay or deny your request within 18 calendar days of receiving your completed request or the first day of the start of leave, whichever is later.

Note: Pursuant to the Department of Tax Notice No. N-17-12, Paid Family Leave benefits are taxable. Taxes will not automatically be withheld from benefits, but employees can request voluntary tax withholding. Other questions related to the taxability of Paid Family Leave contributions should be referred to the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.